Publications & Recognitions


Solastalgia (JackLeg Press, forthcoming July 10, 2023)
Daughters (Airlie Press, 2021)
(WordTech Editions, 2021)
40 Weeks
(Finishing Line Press, 2012)
Navigation (The Habit of Rainy Nights Press, 2012)

Santa Monica Review (fall 2022), “Flight Path”
The Dodge (February 2022), “The Vault”
Sinking City Issue 11 (fall 2021), “The Last”
Chautauqua #18: Water (summer 2021), “Over and Back”
Permafrost 42.2 (January, 2021), “Woolly”
(December 17, 2020), “The Ghost Town Collectives”
Hemingway Shorts
 Volume 4 (May 1, 2019), “Ghost Bike”

Writing the Land: Channels (forthcoming late 2023), “Riparian Chorus”
Cephalopod Poems
 (World Enough Writers, forthcoming late 2023), “Fossil Record: Ammonite”
Wild Hope (forthcoming), “Vanishing”
Watershed Review 10th Anniversary Issue (May 2023), “Elegy for One Billion Animals”
Isele Magazine (March 2023), “Field Day,” “Rover,” “Voyager”
Cascadia: A Field Guide through Poetry, Ecology, and Art (Mountaineers Books, 2023), “In Praise of the Coastal Tailed Frog”
They Call Us Murderers (winter 2022), “I Think about Dark Matter the Week after Roe v. Wade Is Overturned”
Flyway (Winter 22-23), “Whale Shark Spots”
The Poeming Pigeon Issue 12 (October 2022), “Clean Up at Once”
North American Review Issue 307.3 (Fall 2022), “There is so much life all over the place,” “The Bull Elk’s Ghost Circles the Wreck” (August 15, 2022), “The Road Ecologist Watches a Deer Chase a Coyote Off the Snoqualmie Wildlife Overpass”
Cirque #24 (Vol. 12:2 – July 2022), “Death Haiku,” “No-Fly Zone”
Scientific American: Meter 326, 6, 24 ( June 2022), “Vaulted Seeds”
Wild Roof Journal Issue 14 (May 2022), “The 84 Orcas of the Salish Sea Don’t Appear Again”
$ Poetry Is Currency (May 2022), “Dispersal,” “Extirpation,” “What is it about foxes”
Nixes Mate Issue 23 (spring 2022), “On Pluto the Snow Falls Red”
Jet Fuel Review Issue 23 (spring 2022), “The Road Ecologist Tries Hitchhiking,” “The Road Ecologist Has a Heart-to-Heart with the Chicken”
Okay Donkey (April 11, 2022), “Pelt”
Dillydoun Review Issue 15 (April 2022), “Scheherazade and Penelope Compare Notes”
Salamander  Vol. 53 (February 2022), “My Eco-Anxiety and Solastalgia Have It Out”
The Worcester Review Volume 42 (winter 2022), “Cephalopods Have Three Hearts”
Verse Daily (February 19, 2022), “My Daughter Is an Acorn”
The Dodge (February 7, 2022), “Why Did the Chicken Remix”
Camas Magazine (winter 2021), “What the Brown-Headed Cowbird Doesn’t Know about my Ovaries,” “Why Did the Chicken”
The Shore Issue 12 (winter 2021), “Roadkill Afterlife”
Magma #81: Anthropocene (November 2021), “Anthropocene Blessing: Sumatran Tiger”
Menacing Hedge Issue 11.01 (fall 2021), “En Plein Air,” “Triolet for the Marine Biologist I Didn’t Become”
The Poeming Pigeon: From Pandemic to Protest (October, 2021), “Flatten the Curve,” “Shelter in Place”
The North Coast Squid (October 2021), “Aubade for Manzanita”
About Place Journal Volume VI Issue IV: When We Are Lost/How We Are Found (October 2021), “Anthropocene Blessing: Monarch Butterfly,” “Anthropocene Blessing: Snow Leopard,” “New Year’s Eve in the Anthropause”
Anecdote Magazine #1: Endemic to the Pandemic (September 2021), “Community Spread”
Whale Road Review Fall 2021 (September 2021), “Opossum Nocturne”
Crow & Cross Keys (September 1, 2021), “Peatland Aisling,” “Riding the Ichthyosaur”
Sweet Tree Review Volume 6, Issue III (Summer 2021), “Artemis”
SWWIM Every Day (August 30, 2021), “Miraculous”
Clade Song Issue 11 (summer 2021), “Canis,” “Clothesline for the Sixth Extinction,” “The Ghost of Marlin Perkins Visits Me Wearing a Copperhead
New American Writing No. 39 (summer 2021), “Dogs of Chernobyl”
Rogue Agent #77 (August 2021), “Age Old”
Triggerfish Critical Review #26 (July 2021), “Anthropocene Blessing: Corpse Flower
Stirring: A Literary Collection Vol. 23 Ed. 3 (summer 2021), “Fossil Record: Dimetrodon”
Alluvian (July 2021), “Carpe Diem”
West Trestle Review (July 2021), “Slow Living”
Broadsided Press (July 1, 2021), “Fossil Record: Smilodon”
Redheaded Stepchild (Summer 2021), “Feral,” “Unexpressed”
Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day (May 8, 2021), “Vanishing”
Inkwell Journal #36 (Spring 2021), “Proof”
Book of Matches Issue 2 (Spring 2021), “Doraphobia,” “Os Sacrum”
The Wild Word: The Great Beyond (April 2, 2021), “The Last Two Northern White Rhinos Discuss the Birds and the Bees,” “Orion in the Oregon Outback,” “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit”
The Sonora Review (March 30, 2021), “Kulning”
Literary North Constellations: Seed (March 29, 2021), “Sylvia’s Explanation”
Shooter Literary Magazine Issue 12: Animal Love (Winter 2021), “Anthropocene Blessing: Marine Iguana,” “Anthropocene Blessing: Giant Panda,” “Feeding the Corn Snake”
Sky Island Journal #15 (Winter 2021), “The Strip Mall Changes Its Mind”
The Tiger Moth Review #5 (January 2021), “Anthropocene Blessing: Baobab,” “Anthropocene Blessing: California Condor”
The Poeming Pigeon #10: Pop Culture (December 2020), “Nostalgia All Skate”
Monday Night #22 (Fall 2020), “Laika,” “Oasis”
Tiny Spoon #5: Ecology (Fall 2020), “Anthropocene Blessing: Ghost Orchid”
Watershed Review (Spring/Fall 2020), “L’Appel du Vide,” “Elegy for One Billion Animals”
Pink Panther Magazine Volume 11, Issue 2 (September 8, 2020), “My Daughter Is an Acorn”
The Comstock Review Spring/Summer 2020, “The Carrying,” “Event Horizon”
American Poetry Journal #18.2 (July 2020), “Anthropocene Blessing: Orangutan
Amsterdam Quarterly #28 (June 2020), “Weather Patterns”
Feral: A Journal of Poetry and Art #2: Transformation (June 1, 2020), “Iteration,” “Stay at Home”
What Rough Beast (COVID-19 Edition, 2020), “Social Distancing”
Split Rock Review #14
(Spring 2020), “Sanctuary”
The Poeming Pigeon #9: Cosmos (February 2020), “Astronaut’s Daughter”
Thalia #7: The Issue In Between
(Winter 2020), “Alien Abductee’s Daughter,” “Mortician’s Daughter,” “Whale Fall”
ARsPoetica: More Truly, More Strange (November 2019), “Wind Horses”
Playa Anthology 2018, “Clockmaker’s Daughter,” “Astronaut’s Daughter”
Rattle: Poets Respond (October 20, 2019), “Astrosisters”
Jabberwock Review #40.1 (Summer 2019), “Weight”
Nonbinary Review #22: Homer’s Odyssey 
(September 2019), “Siren’s Daughter”
Listening to Poetry 
by Jeremy Trabue (Chemeketa Press, 2019), “Swan Maiden’s Daughter”
Rattlecast #5, “Alien Abductee’s Daughter” (August 20, 2019)
Great Weather for Media: Birds Fall Silent in the Mechanical Sea
(August 1, 2019), “Alligator Wrestler’s Daughter”
The Poeming Pigeon #8: Sports 
(May 2019), “Taking Up Running,” “Watching Your Boy Play Basketball”
Phantom Drift: A Journal of New Fabulism
 Issue #8 (January 2019), “Tattoo Artist’s Daughter,” “Werewolf’s Daughter”
The Ekphrastic Review (January 22, 2019), “Surrealist’s Daughter”
Word and Image 2018 (October 2018), “Crow Opus” and “Unflap”
Rising Phoenix ReviewDisarm: A Themed issue Responding to Mass Shootings in America (September 25, 2018), “Active Shooter’s Daughter”
The Poeming Pigeon #7: In the News (August 2018), “Loaves and Fishes”
Artemis Journal 2018: Women Hold Up Half the Sky (May 2018), “Mother of All Bombs”
The Santa Clara Review Volume 105, Issue 1 (February 2018), “Alien Abductee’s Daughter”
Rattle: Poets Respond (December 24, 2017), “I’m trying to find a poem about Christmas that I actually like”
The Pedestal Magazine Issue 81 (December 21, 2017), “Lepidopterist’s Daughter”
MockingHeart Review Volume 2, Issue 3 (September 2017), “On Telling My Nine-Year-Old Daughter that Hillary Won’t Be President”
Rattle: Poets Respond
(July 16, 2017), “Truck Carrying Live Eels Overturns on Highway 101”
The Poeming Pigeon #5: Poems from the Garden
(May 2017), “Lilith”
The Timberline Review
(Winter/Spring 2017), “Fear of Grasshoppers,” “When the Dog Dies” 
Queen of Cups
(December 28, 2016), “Dorothy’s Daughter,” “Lion Tamer’s Daughter,” “Sandman’s Daughter”
(Autumn 2016), “Meditation on the Butterfly Effect,” “Storm Chaser’s Daughter”
Legends: Paranormal Pursuits 
(October 2016), “Ghost Hunters’ Daughter”
The Timberline Review (Summer/Fall 2016), “Lost Boy: Peter Pan’s Mother Has Her Say”
NonBinary Review #10: Alice in Wonderland 
(September 2016), “The Hatter’s Daughter”
The Nassau Review 
(2016), “Magician’s Assistant’s Daughter”
The Operating System NAPOMO 30/30/30 2016, “Brittney Corrigan on Sharon Olds”
The Timberline Review (Winter/Spring 2016), “Bogeyman’s Daughter,” “Medusa’s Daughter,” and “Trophy”
She Holds the Face of the World 
(VoiceCatcher, 2015), “Guilt Poem: Conflict”
Of Course I’m A Feminist!
from The Poetry Box (2015), “Scarecrow’s Daughter”
The Timberline Review
 (Summer/Fall 2015), “Horse-Girl”
Birth and Family Support “Birth Art” (March 10, 2015), “40 Weeks”
San Pedro River Review (Spring 2015), “Bigfoot’s Daughter”
Ghost Town Poetry Volume Two (2004-2014), “What They Won’t See”
Sixfold (Summer 2013), “Stellar’s Jay the Week of the Boston Marathon Bombings,” “Falling Teeth,” “Not Burning Down the House”
Cider Press Review Vol 13 (Summer 2012), “Fox Pieces, Orcas Island”
Literary Mama (March 31, 2012), “5 Weeks”
Oregon Poetic Voices (January 19, 2012), “Birds of Passage,” “Guilt Poem: Conflict,” “Islands,” and “What They Won’t See”
Anatomy & Etymology Vol. 1 Issue 4 (November 7, 2011), “15 Weeks” and “25 Weeks”
Voicecatcher 6 (October, 2011), “Guilt Poem: Conflict”
Alba: A Journal of Short Poetry (September, 2011), “Triolet of Questions from My Son with Asperger’s” and “8 Weeks”
Halfway Down the Stairs: we all fall down (September, 2011), “Cold”
The Fertile Source (August 15, 2011), “Guilt Poem: Unplanned,” “16 Weeks,” and “38 Weeks”
Big Lucks (July 25, 2011), “Everything”
Anatomy & Etymology Vol. 1 Issue 3 (July 8, 2011), “Natural Selection at Work in NE Portland”
YB Issue #4: Windows (June 2011), “Visiting Lighthouses”
Poetic Medicine (May 23, 2011), “Architecture”
The Prose-Poem Project Vol. 1 Issue 4 (Spring 2011), “Rapunzel”
Untitled Country Review Issue 3 (Fall 2010), “Aviary”
Hyperlexia (2010), “Echolalia,” “Hollows,” & “Sensory Profile”
Hip Mama #41 (2008)“Small Talk”
The Autism Trail Guide by Ellen Notbohm (Future Horizons, 2007), “Signs”
Drama in the Desert: The Sights and Sounds of Burning Man by Holly Kreuter (Raised Barn Press, 2002), “Love Poem for the Playa”
Many Mountains Moving #14 Vol. V #2  (2002), “Messengers”
Manzanita Quarterly Vol. 4 #3 (Spring 2002), “Nests”
Manzanita Quarterly Vol. 4 #2 (Winter 2001-02), “Sky Falling”
StringTown #4  (2001), “Islands”
The Oregon Review Volume 3 Number 1 (Spring/Summer 2001), “Sunday Mornings”
What Have You Lost? by Naomi Shihab Nye (Greenwillow Books, 2001), “Aqueducts”
The Blue Mesa Review #10 (1998), “In the Name”
Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review #10 (Fall 1997), “Expectations”
The Texas Observer (December 6, 1996), “Aqueducts” & “The Navigator’s Triangle”
The Hayden’s Ferry Review #19 (Fall/Winter 1996), “Constellations”
Bread & Roses (Ash Creek Press, Volume Number One, 1992), “Haikus for Him,” “For Grandfather”


Finalist, Autumn House Rising Writer Prize in Fiction, for The Ghost Town Collectives and Other Stories (2023)

Residency, PLAYA (October 2022)

Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nomination for “The Vault” (2022)

Best of the Net nomination for “Extirpation” (2022)

Judge, Word & Image at the Hoffman Center for the Arts (2022)

Pushcart Prize & Best of the Net nomination for “The Ghost Town Collectives” (2021)

Pushcart Prize nomination for “Fossil Record: Smilodon” (2021)

Pushcart Prize nomination for “Magician’s Assistant’s Daughter,” “Siren’s Daughter,” and “Unknown Daughter” (2021)

Best of the Net nomination for “Os Sacrum” (2021) 2020 Editor’s Prize, for “The Ghost Town Collectives” (April 2021)

Third place, Treehouse Climate Action Poem Prize, for “Vanishing” (April 2021)

First place, Neahkahnie Mountain Poetry Prize, for “Aubade for Manzanita” (February 2021)

Finalist, Jessie Bryce Niles Chapbook Contest from the Comstock Review, for Breaking (December 2019)

Residency, PLAYA (December 2018)

Pushcart Prize nomination for “Lilith” (2017)

Residency, Mineral School (July 2017)

Pushcart Prize nomination for “Meditation on the Butterfly Effect” (2016)

Judge, Oregon Poetry Association New Poets Contest (Fall 2015)

Residency, Soapstone: A Writing Retreat for Women (April 2007)

Glimmer Train Poetry Open, Second Place, “Birds of Passage” (April 2002 contest, Winter 2003 issue)

Judge (poetry) , Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association Literary Contest (1999)

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