Forthcoming from JackLeg Press in 2023.

Selected poems can be found in the publications linked below:

Age Old
Anthropocene Blessing: Baobab
Anthropocene Blessing: California Condor
Anthropocene Blessing: Corpse Flower
Anthropocene Blessing: Orangutan
Carpe Diem
Elegy for One Billion Animals
Fossil Record: Dimetrodon
Fossil Record: Smilodon
L’Appel du Vide
The Last Two Northern White Rhinos Discuss the Birds and the Bees
Orion in the Oregon Outback
Os Sacrum
Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit
Slow Living
The Strip Mall Changes Its Mind

Advance Praise for Solastalgia:

“Recalling Joni Mitchell’s famous lyric “They paved paradise, put up a parking lot,” Solastalgia is a heart-wrenching and harrowing overview of environmental destruction. Though it is an ominous exploration of the Anthropocene era and the ways humans have contributed to the changing climate and landscape, it spends much of its time honoring all the strange and wondrous creatures—“may you outlast us”— that humans, both intentionally and unwittingly, are shoving toward extinction’s cliff. Solastalgia is an eloquent tribute to all the awe-inspiring flora and fauna that we have failed as a species. I love this book not only for its incisive eco-eye but also for its dazzling language terrains. Using language as the tool to effect change, these poems make you want to be better, do better.”
 Simone Muench

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